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  1. present participle of bread

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Breading is a dry grain-derived coating for a piece of food such as meat, vegetable, poultry, fish, shellfish, crustacean, seitan, or textured soy, etc., made from breadcrumbs or a breading mixture with seasonings. Breading can also refer to the process of applying a bread coating to a food. Breading is well suited for frying because it lends itself to creating a crispy coating around the food. Breading mixtures can be made of flour or cornmeal and seasoning that the item to be breaded is dredged in before cooking. If the item to be breaded is too dry for the coating to stick, it may be coated with something like buttermilk or raw egg first. Breading contrasts with batter which is a grain-based liquid coating for food that produces a smoother and finer texture, which can be less crispy overall.
Breading could incorrectly refer to cubes of bread, commonly known as croutons or large premade breadcrumbs or stuffing mixtures.

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